Thursday, 27 May 2010

Hotness! Miranda Kerr for US Elle June '10

This is the hotness that is Miranda Kerr, better known as the Victoria Secret's model and Orlando Bloom's other half... I think she looks great & totally smoking hot and rather fierce looking in this glamorous shoot. Definitely my editorial face du jour for now.

She's part of the new breed of supermodels that exist today. Let's face it who would you rather see showing off designer clothes - A-list (Hollywood) celeb or a real model, who clearly knows how to work it in front of a camera and doesn't require so much Photo-Shopping after-wards? The work, after all is always so much easier (usually less demands and re-shoots) and quicker especially when it comes to editing a shoot with a professional model. I'm not against celebs (who are powerful tools in itself) gracing the covers of fashion magazines or anything (I heart Kate Bosworth, who seems to be more of a model than actor these days), I'm just a tad weeny bit sick of seeing them Everywhere.

Throw on an over-sized white shirt, cinched at the waist with a belt - she looks effortlessly gorgeous, no?

Awesome shoot, photographed by Mariano Vivanco for US Elle & Styled by Samuel Francois
Make up by Francelle Daly - National MUA for Nars
Hair by Franco Gobbi

images via Fashion gone Rogue
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