Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bad Bad habit...

No, I didn't blow £2.6k on this dress but...
Man, i want it baaaaaad! It's gorgeous twised bead overlay and structured asym hem is just to die for!
Peter Pilotto's Torsion silk beaded dress via net-a-porter

I've got a few days left in cold (it got really cold starting yesterday - what a wimp!), rainy London and i've already started packing. It's a bad habit of mine really as i've kinda over loaded on the shopping front for one and after rooting around in the garage i've discovered some cool bits i forgot i ever had - it's like Christmas all over again! Yippee! With only one suitcase and one had carry at the ready, all i can say is that the case is pretty full and ready to explode and the hand carry number is almost filled with stuff too. Yikes.

I stoopidly brought a smallish case... doh!

I can't wait to share some of the Bargainista buys with you all too! But for now, these are some of the dresses i've been checking out. There are so many options out there, from Maxi - gong out styles, beach styles and sweat maxi (Tee) style dresses, florals galore, nautical but nice dresses, nude feminine vintage styles, feathers, swallow prints, prom dresses, and a whole load of bodycon dresses.

So which of these do you guys like the most?

I have to add that i love the super serious shoulder look, I was a die-hard fan of 'Dynasty' a tv show back in the 80's and the shoulder pad look was something that leading girls, Alexis & Krystle use to rock! I will have to show you the crazy top i bought in Primark - it was a bargain at £6!

ref: images via Topshop, Miss Selfridge & Oasis

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